Contemporary Style Decorating Ideas

If  Contemporary Styling is your choice in home decor, you are in good company.

You probably don’t go for the vintage inspired looks that can include lots of layering, collectables and displays, perhaps a feminine touch with lace and crystal…no…that’s not for you.

Your contemporary preferences take a different decorating turn:

  •     Clean lines in furniture and decor
  •     Typically a Neutral color palette; may have bold color accents
  •     Drama and Mood are set with the selection of the pieces in the space as well as placement and lighting
  •     Elements such as leather, tile, wood, iron, chrome and more are found in your Contemporary home.

The photo above, courtesy of, is one that I love and it shows us a contemporary styled space that is really cool.

Lighting, color, placement and simple lines are evident, with a dark toned wood floor setting the foundation. No clutter in this space…contemporary styling is about clean and clear when it comes to the amount of pieces that take up the space both literally and visually.

By the way, notice the shelving on the wall above the sofa. This is a wonderful way to display artwork and collectables. It’s easy to change out and looks great. Plus, you can adapt it to any style of decor.