Home Staging Costs

“How much will it cost to stage my home?”

Home Staging costs are often the first question many sellers ask when I’m contacted for a potential Home Staging project. And it’s a legitimate inquiry. The bottom line when selling a home is the net profit after all costs incurred to build/renovate/remodel/prepare to sell, and home staging is one of those out of pocket costs.

The majority of my staging projects are in the Greater Fort Myers, FL area for homes that are listed for an average of approximately $500,000.  The cost to stage the main living areas of the home and rent the inventory for 90 days is typically less than 1% of the selling price. That’s less than $5,000 for staging these homes.

Any home that I stage will present a warm, welcoming and functional interior to everyliv rm before potential buyer. They won’t have to guess or try to visualize how the living room, dining room, nook, home office or family room will look when furnished. And that is HUGE, because the vast majority of home buyers can’t picture how an empty home will look with furniture in it, so they shrug their shoulders and go on to the next showing.

How much will it cost the seller if every buyer who can’t visualize their vacant listing as ‘home’ leaves? Subsequent price reductions will quickly move beyond home staging costs…potentially way beyond.

Put stylish furniture, accents and finishes into this space, which, by the way, is the first thing a potential buyer sees when they enter the home, and it changes everything. Home staging costs become a small, yet hugely important part of the overall marketing costs of the home when this is the result.

Take a look at the living area above…it’s new construction so everything is fresh and updated, and the pool/canal view is awesome. Even so, there is nothing in this room or home to grab a buyer emotionally, pull them into the space and have them start picturing themselves living there.

liv rm 2

So is it worth it to stage a home when selling it? Absolutely. The home staging costs will more than pay for the results, when buyers area drawn into the home, get that warm and fuzzy feeling about it, and start seeing themselves living there. That, for a seller, is priceless.