Simple Cottage Decorating Ideas for Your Home

I love the simplicity of Cottage Decorating and the different roads you can travel when creating that look in your home.

From the very rustic to a bit of elegance to an elevated chic approach, cottage style is embraced by many people all over the world.

A very budget friendly style to create, the ‘rules’ for cottage decorating are all but non existent as the casual, mix ‘n match, vintage, flea market, re-purposed characteristics of the style allow for a lot of creativity!

So whether you have an unlimited budget and can travel the world to find your one-of-a-king treasures, or travel as far as the consignment shop or flea market in your town, a cottage home that says ‘come on in a stay awhile’ can be created.

I take the 1-2-3 approach with defining a style, including lots of helpful images. In fact, I use those images to describe the details of the particular style being highlighted. Helpful, simple and easy to transfer to your own home.

The image above, courtesy of, is one of the images I use to help define this look.

What do I love about the Cottage styling of this bedroom?

  •     the natural wood floors
  •     the mismatched furniture
  •     the variety of fabric patterns