Welcome to Style to Stage

Hi there! What is Style to Stage?? Glad you asked. I provide both Home Decorating/Styling  and Home Staging Services in the Greater Fort Myers, FL area.

My website and main marketing presence online is SimplyDesignedHome.com, and you can learn all about my specific services there.

A blog is a wonderful compliment to a website, though, because you can get down to all of the little (and not so little) details about your business…or life…or whatever it is that you do.

For me, it’s helping clients create a stylish home interior that reflects them and their lifestyle. I’ve never been the type of Decorator who pushes my own ideas on clients, or compels them to shop at a certain store. It’s all about the client and what is best for them.

My Home Staging portfolio speaks of my creative styling for homes on the market. I specialize in vacant home staging, although I’ll work with any type of home for sale, including owner occupied.

Style to Stage will include home decorating tips, pearls of wisdom, helpful hints, what to do and not to do when it comes to decorating and staging, and lots more!

Let’s have some fun  🙂


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