Romantic French Country Style Living Room


I love the casual elegance of French Country style decor, and this photo immediately caught my eye for that very reason.

What do I love about it?

The eye is drawn to the window…that is the focal point of this space.Notice how the shutters on each side of the window and the iron work placed on the window sill make us feel like we are on the inside and the outside of this home at the same time. I love it.

The buffet placed under the window balances out the shutter window treatment – a petite end table would have been over powered.

A soft color palette in shades of gold, rose and blue creates the feeling of being in a sunny space with a field of flowers around me. Notice the floral motifs on the wall decor, accent pillow and area rug.

I see two things in the upholstered pieces:

First, a mix of elegance and casual, with the wood trimmed accent chair/ottoman and the slip covered side chair.

Then, the simple white fabric on both that lets the beauty of the room shine through.

Additional ironwork details in the wall decor and late stand, as well as some touches of greenery complete the look.

Simply French Country style…simply rustic and elegant at the same time!

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