Traditionally Styled Bedroom in Soothing Neutrals

bhg-traditional-bdrm-neutrals1I have to be honest. Traditional Style decorating is not typically how I would design a room. For me, the stylings are usually too formal, glitzy, and honestly, just too much of the matching pairs….just not my idea of an interesting space.

So now that I have said all that, I found this bedroom quite charming, and it is a Traditionally styled space using a soothing neutral color palette.

How do I identify the style?

The most identifiable characteristic of Traditional Style is matching pairs of furniture and decor in the space.

Look on either side of the bed and you’ll see matching side tables, lamps and artwork.

At the foot of the bed there are two matching footstools that function as a bench.

Matching sets of pillows on the bed continue the symmetry.

All that said, I still find this bedroom appealing, and I think it’s because of the choices in those pieces as well as the other finishes and colors in the space:

**The overall neutral color palette is soothing, one of the things I love about decorating with neutrals.

** The artwork choice of matching birds is a nice surprise and a focal point in the space

**The bedside lamps are smaller in scale and don’t intrude on the space at all

**There is a balanced look between the case good and the rest of the space…not too much wood in the room

**Fabric choices are not too busy and fussy, which is consistent with the overall style of the room

**Window treatment leans toward a casual look with the bamboo roman shades paired with fabric panels.

Yes, I would be comfortable in this Traditional Style bedroom! Learn more about how to style a room

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