Contemporary Living Room Decorating Ideas



What is the first thing you notice about this colorful, stylish Contemporary styled Living Room?

For me it is shape and color.

I see the continuity of a circular theme in the petite coffee table, mantel artwork and soft curves of decorative vases.

The soft shade of blue on the living room compliments the dining area’s muted orange (we can see it in the background), and sets the tone for the furnishings and accents.

A surprising shade of bright yellow-green on the accents chairs grabs your attention and creates some excitement in a space that might otherwise come off as muted or ordinary.

What defines this space as Contemporary Style?

1) The furnishings are placed for their function (as well as their style), and there is not an overabundance of pieces in the space. (You will never see a contemporary home that is crammed full of furniture, accessories, decor and collections).

2) The lines of the furniture are clean and straight, with a bit of curve for interest.

3) This space has a touch of the Traditional with crown molding and the fireplace mantel, which to me keeps things interesting from a design perspective.

I enjoy seeing the contemporary mantel decor offsetting the traditional styling of the fireplace.

4) Fabrics are solid colors with geometric patterns in the accent pillows.

I am not convinced that the vase and flowers on the small coffee table makes the room look better and if I walked into that space right now, I’d probably take it away. But that’s just me.

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