Country Style Decorating with an Americana Theme



Using an Americana Theme with Country Style decorating makes a statement in both color and style. Colorful, patriotic, casual and fun, it can give a ho-hum space personality and pizzazz.

I particularly like the approach in this room, shown courtesy of

Bold wall color creates the back drop for the room’s design, and the moderate wood tones in the flooring are the perfect contrast. Country style decorating is all about being natural, too, so the flooring fits right into that philosophy.

Simple furnishings with an eclectic mix of designs are an interesting choice, but I really like the effect. The sofa is actually a contemporary style, but with the blue and white striped throw and the colorful, patriotic accent pillows, it looks great with the distressed coffee table.

Windows are not overly dressed, which is key to the success of this Americana design. Plantation shutters are always a good choice in any type of casual style decoraing.

The colors, textures and shapes are what completes this room so perfectly. And, if I were to make an educated guess about the budget for this space I’d say that there is nothing in here that couldn’t be found at a consignment shop, flea market or discount shop. I love the way that red is used sparingly so it doesn’t overpower the room. There is just enough of it to complete the Americana Theme without shouting at you.

Country style decor can become a bit messy or cluttered if too many ‘cute’ accessories are added to the space, so watch out for that if this is your style. The room shown here does a good job of using just enough of the accent decor without becoming cluttered.