Blend Rustic with Casual Style for a Unique Look



When we envision a Rustic Style home, our minds tend to see a log home with huge beamed ceilings, dimensional log walls and furniture made from the forest.

And that’s a cool way to go, I’ve done that myself and absolutely loved every minute of my life in the years that we loved in our ‘Lodge Home’.

But having said that, there are a number of style interpretations that are Rustic, yet present quite a different look.

Here is an example of a bedroom that is in a rustic setting, with the knotty pine and beamed ceiling, painted wood walls and natural wood floor. That is definitely the foundation for a rustic home.

From there, though, the designer took a little different path. The bedroom remains casual and inviting but there is definitely a finished look to it:

1) The deep tones of the bed contrast with the lighter wall color so it becomes the focal point in the space.

2) White painted, distressed bedside tables keep the look from becoming to dark and oppressive.

3) Casual patterned fabric panels on the windows creates some softness in the space as well as color. Note the petite footstool next to the bed that has the matching fabric on it. And if you look closely, you’ll see the fabric again on the headboard panel.

4) Area rug adds some softness for both the design and the tootsies 🙂

5)Artwork adds color, too. If I were designing this space I might have selected something with a different shade of green, but that’s just me.

Overall this bedroom keeps a casually rustic feel while also showing style and flair. I like it.

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