Contemporary Kitchen is Small in Size but Big in Style



A small Kitchen is very much like a small home when it comes to decorating. Just because a space is petite in size doesn’t mean it has to be subtle and plain in style and color.

The Kitchen design shown here is not large by any means, but I love the swagger and style that is packed into every inch of the space.

**First, who would think that dark gray walls would make a small space pop? The secret here is two-fold. Minimal wall space means that the dark tones are not overwhelming, and, white contrasts all around keep everything light and bright.

**No upper cabinets…hmmmm. It’s clear that this space is designed for a well organized homeowner, no doubt about that. But even so, how cool are the open shelving cabinets with white glass fronts?

The white lover cabinets are very simply designed, and follow the clean lines of Contemporary Style.

**Stainless steel sink and appliances keep the sleek Contemporary look going.

**Granite counter tops are fitting for the color scheme, style and also create a sense of stability with their darker tones. I don’t think that a light shade in the counter tops would have had the same balancing effect.

**A fun print on the roman shade window treatment introduces a yellow-gold accent color as well as a lighter shade of gray, which stands out nicely against the darker gray walls.

**Wall art is an unexpected yet pleasing way to complete the space, and the stainless steel frames remain consistent with Contemporary Styling.

**A warm wood finish on the floors keeps the space from looking cold.

**Bright yellow, gold and white accents complete the look.

Contemporary, bold, bright and with a sense of fun. I like this Kitchen!

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