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Colorful Casual Dining Room Decorating Ideas



I love to see a colorful space, and this Dining Room is a great example of just that.

The color palette immediately gets your attention, with the dining chair fabric and window treatment complimenting each other nicely.

A pretty shade of sage green on the walls is offset by the white trim, wainscoating and painted corner cabinets. Notice that the walls have a definite presence in the space but they don’t shout at you, “look at me, I’m GREEN!”. There is a subtlety about them that is refreshing but not overdone.

Then, the area rug under the dining set does the job of creating a foundation of color and providing a break from the darker wood floor. Again, just enough color and pattern to be interesting and tie the color palette together.

The dining table is a darker wood finish, you get a peek of a medium wood finish in the buffet to the left, the chairs have a very interesting pattern to the legs, and of course the white painted cabinets.

What ties everything together? The color palette of green, raspberry and varying shades of each. Even the chandelier and floral bouquet on the table carry the colors through nicely….love the colorful casual Dining Room decorating!

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