Create Drama with a Black and White Color Palette



7-5-14 black-white-living-room

Black and white can work really well as part of a design plan as long as they are used in just the right amounts to create the perfect balance.

Case in point is the photo above, courtesy of

I love how the white walls, soft window treatments and warm wood finish on the floor create the perfect back drop for the black and white furnishings.

There is a balance of shape and pattern that is always so important when designing a space. Note how the fabrics on the pillows and accent chairs give your eye some interesting things to see, but they don’t over power or jump out at you. Balance.

What shapes do you see in this space? Circles, rectangles, square, then some uniquely shaped accents to keep things even more interesting for the eye.

The sofa is really fun, too. Classic lines with a chic, updated look.

Notice the coffee table…the chunky full shape might have been too over powering in black or even a wood finish, but the white finish allows your eye to keep flowing through the space.

Black and white? Yes. Boring? Not at all. Decorating with color can be very interesting. I say it’s just right 🙂