Natural and Organic Country Decorating Ideas



A Country style home always draws me in. Why? I love the simplicity of the style as well as the blending of new & old, use of vintage or reproduction materials, & the overall welcoming look of the space.

Country Decorating style is a naturally simple and organic way to decorate and live. Nothing pretentious or formal about this style, and the interpretation can be as rustic as you wish, or, add a bit of chic to the space for an updated look.

If you love the idea of living and decorating organically, a Country decor might be a good choice for you.

And no…I am not talking about the duck on the front porch wearing a gingham dress. That’s okay if you love the look, but I’m thinking a bit more creatively.

I have put together a collection of images that show a variety of Country Decorating ideas and interpretations. Along with each photo I give my thoughts on the styling and point out the highlights of the image.

You will gain insight as well as a whole bunch of ideas for your own home, from the floors on up, covering details of Country styling for the entire room.

Take a minute or two and see for yourself:

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