Colorful, Casually Styled Family Room



I don’t know about you, but I would be very happy to plop down in one of those chairs in this colorful,  Casually styled  Family Room and enjoy a cool drink and a good book!

What do I find so inviting about this space?

First, I love the colors…black, butterscotch and white, with a teeny accent of red.

Not only the colors, but the pattern choices, too, provide an interesting and somewhat unexpected element.

Notice how the window treatments, area rug, accent pillows, coffee table, picture frames and display pieces in the cabinets all tie together. Nothing to overwhelm, just a nice balance of texture and pattern.

I always enjoy the fact that Casual Style does not match and balance everything in the space. Study the mantel and display areas above the cabinets as an example.

You WILL see a variety of shapes, textures and heights on display. You WON’T see a matching pair or ‘twin displays’ anywhere. This type of decorating requires an eye for balance, but in a different way. I love it.

Read much more and see many photos as I talk about Casual Decorating Style in more detail.

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