Cottage Kitchen Decorating Ideas


A Cottage style Kitchen always draws me in. Why? I love the simplicity of the style as well as the blending of new & old, use of vintage or reproduction materials, & the overall welcoming look of the space.

This Cottage Kitchen is interesting…flagstone flooring sets a natural and organic tone.

Soft shades of blue and green on the walls and island allow the cabinets and trim to stand out while maintaining a friendly cottage feel.

Then, there are some updated elements to the space that keep it from looking too cutesy, and I like that. The back splash and appliances bring the space into the present, and there is a clean and uncluttered look to the space which is refreshing.

The painted bar stools, vintage cabinet and clock as well as the lighting and decorative accents keep the Cottage feel in the forefront.

Overall it’s a clean and updated Cottage Kitchen that I would be very happy to spend some time in!

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