Decorating Small Dining Spaces

7-29-14 bhg-small-dining


Decorating small spaces can be a challenge, particularly when you have to create a multi-functional space in one room.

Many smaller condos, apartments and homes have a living/dining area, and most of us want to have some definition between the two.

And of course we want the area to look really cool and well put together, too!

I love the ideas in this photo, courtesy of It gives us some useful fundamentals for decorating small spaces.

  1. Neutral color palette with colorful accents. I am a fan of keeping the walls neutral and light in a small living area. Not white…light.

Notice that the walls have a soft contrast to the trim, so there is color and softness as a back drop for the furniture and accessories.

  1. Window treatments that provide function but remain unobtrusive.

The roman shades filter the light as desired have a similar look as the chairs and dining table. The fabric curtain panels have some pattern and can be pulled closed as needed, so they provide function, style and softness.

  1. The flooringis consistent with the walls and keeps the space light and open visually.
  2. Notice that the table, chairs and accent piece have open styling and open legs.No big chunky, clunky pieces here, so our eyes can see right through the space, which keeps it looking larger.
  3. The styling has a circular theme,and I like that. The table, mirror, accent console table and even the curve of the dining chairs keeps the soft edges prevalent.
  4. A few colorful accentsliven up the space as well as bring the outdoors in with natural greenery.
  5. Don’t forget the cute little puppy napping on the floor…he blends right in with the rug 🙂 

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