Ideas for Beautiful Bedroom Makeovers…in a Weekend!

bedroom makeovers

Are you really tired of the way your Bedroom looks? It might be a Guest Bedroom, the Master Bedroom or a multi functional space. Doesn’t really matter.

If you can’t deal with the thought of the space looking the way it does any longer, a weekend makeover project might be just what the decorating doctor ordered!

The most critical part of a weekend warrior project such as this is P-L-A-N-N-I-N-G. Yes, I spelled it out for you so there is no mistake about it. You must plan, and you must make the time spent on this project your top priority.

You’ll make two other executive decisions as well, because this will affect everything else that you do. And, once you make these decisions, stick with them! Don’t let yourself get off track:

1) Color Palette
– what is staying the same, what is changing. (Hint: if you are really tired of the look…change the colors/add an accent color)

Adding a new accent color through accessories such as bedding, pillows, art and scatter rugs is a simple and budget friendly way to accomplish your weekend Bedroom makeover.

If you are up for the challenge, think about creating a focal point with wallpaper…yes wallpaper. It’s back in style and there are so many wonderful choices.

The point is, make these decisions in advance so you have a clear direction.

2) Budget
– how much are you going to spend on this bedroom makeover? Be realistic so you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

Consider the bedding, art work, lighting, accent pillows, head board…spend some time thinking through the details and put them in writing.

Once those decisions are behind you, you’ll know how simple, or how elaborate, your bedroom makeover is going to be.

Ok, ready for all of the rest of the details? Find and study them at Bedroom Makeovers and then get to work!

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