Simple Ways to Create a Tropical Style Interior


If you don’t live in a warm sunny climate, create the look on the inside of your home so no matter where you live it will always be a beautiful day!

Tropical Style decor is the perfect way to do just that, and it can be a very budget friendly project, too.

Let’s use the image here as an example. If you look at the walls and floor, you’ll see a very simple color palette of white on the walls and ceiling, with a soft blue tiled floor.

Your flooring choice could be carpet, wood or tile…it really doesn’t matter.

I notice that this bedroom flows so well that the walls, trim and ceiling almost meld together.

Let’s take a look at the larger pieces of furniture now:

1) The bed is so simply done, with no headboard or footboard.

2) A couple of painted accent tables serve the bedside function.

3) Warm wood finish on the dresser/mirror combo lends warmth to the space.

4) A simple ‘park bench’ is placed at the foot of the bed.

So what gives this space it’s Tropical Style feel?

It’s all about the finishing touches!

**Large, colorful and Tropical feel to the floral art serves as the focal point/head board

**Tropical Style pillows and matching coverlet

**Palm plant on the dresser

**Green accents in the bedside lamps and one of the tables

**Ceiling fan in white

**Floors are plain and simple

Overall there is a cool, balmy, flowing vibe to the space.

This is a very budget friendly way to decorate, and the way you finish out the style can be just about anything you want!

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