One Home Layout, Two Unique Staged Styles

One of my new staging clients is a builder/broker/investor in the SW Cape Coral, FL area. I staged two of his homes that were the exact same layout, including all of the finishes…flooring, wall color, light fixtures, counter tops, etc. The finishes included black, gray, tan and ivory tones. The photo below was the starting point.

torsten - liv-kit-din

My goal was to create two distinctly different looks by staging them in two different ways. After all, who wants to see the exact same furniture and decor in two separate homes? Not me, that’s for sure  🙂

The first home was staged in a Transitional Style, which is a combination of Traditional and Contemporary styles. I emphasized the browns and tans present in the finishes, with accents of green and orange.

liv-din-kit w

There is definitely the hint of Traditional here, but the clean lines of the sofa and contemporary pillow styling keep the space from becoming too formal or ‘old style’.

In the second home, I emphasized the neutrals – black, gray, ivory – with a Contemporary feel. Here is the finished look of the same space shown in the photos above:

liv-din-kit w

Notice that the pieces have straight, clean lines. The end table and coffee table have a free form glass top and triple curved leg.

True to the intention of Home Staging, the living area and dining area are staged as such, so you’ll see some similarities in the furniture pieces that were used. For example, I would not take the dining area in one home and turn it into a small office…I stayed true to the intention of the space.

The Den/Office was a different story, though. In the Transitional home I staged this space, located off of the Living Room to the right of the entry, as a Home Office:

den w


The Contemporary styled home was staged as a Den, with seating and a TV (not shown in the photo below):

den w

The client was very pleased with the results, and in fact one of the homes went under contract very quickly. Which onr? The Contemporary styled home.

We have already relocated that inventory to another home the client has for sale…and yes, it’s the same layout. Looks great!

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