Creative, Functional and Stylish Entryway Ideas

What do you do with an Entryway? Some homes have grand, expansive areas as you enter, others have a small space designated for this function, and other homes have none at all…you walk in the door and are immediately greeted by the living room 🙂

Whatever size Entry your home offers, you can create a stylish and functional area that suits your needs and lifestyle.

First, think about what, who and how:

What function do you want your entry to provide for you? An area to stash stuff as you walk in the door? Spot to remove the shoes? Drop the keys? Hang up the leash?

Who will be using this area? For example, are there kids in your home who will run in the door and drop everything at their feet? (Or yours?). Do they need hooks to hang up jackets? Or perhaps there are family members who need a place to sit and remove shoes, coats, etc. How about pets?

How do you want this area to function best for you? Do you just want it to look cool and stylish? Make a statement as guests enter? For many of us, we want style and function, so after you consider the What and the Who…

bhg entry 3

I like the layered approach to using the tiny entry space here. Vintage styling with a storage drawer in the pretty console table, a covered storage box that you can put things both in and on top of, use of the top of the console, and a wall mirror to give yourself one final check before walking out the door.



This windowed entry (atrium area beyond) is generously sized, so is styled for a bit of function and a lot of style. The colorful leather strip shaggy rug is the focal point, with a bench for seating and a floor lamp for some function.


palms of monterrey

A small entry in this condominium houses a hall tree for maximum efficiency with a lot of style, too. Two shelves, a place to hang the hats and functional lighting as you enter, and it doesn’t take up much space at all.


h-and-h entry modern

Contemporary styling in a teeny tiny Entry is quite creative with a floating shelf. It provides a spot for the keys and other necessities and floor space for shoes/purses/etc. A wall mirror offers function and completes the clean, modern look.


san carlos

Coastal styling in this Ft Myers Beach, FL residence. A colorful sea turtle rug gets the sand off your feet as you enter, and small console offers function with drawers, lighting, and a bottom shelf. Colorful art keeps the coastal mood going.

By the way, this is what you see as you enter this gorgeous home:

san carlos hall


bhg entry 2

A petite Entryway with a closet was transformed into an organized family space, with a place to store everything needed as they come and go. Not only functional, but stylish!



An open Entry is simply styled with a functional ottoman, rug and small tree for color. No need to overdecorate or try to put too much stuff into a small space.


bhg entry 1

Rustic and casual, a floating shelf, umbrella stand and iron basket offer a lot of function in a tiny space. I like the mix of elements and textures here. and the flowers add a bit of softness to balance.


cape harbour

A beach themed condo with a narrow entryway is functional and interesting, with a curved console and round mirror. While it’s not large, there is enough space on top, in the two drawers and on the bottom shelf for multi function. A pelican night light offers soft lighting and is a conversation starter for sure.


h-and-h entry modern

An entryway with a stair case with very limited functional space is well styled here. First, the runner is a colorful way to wipe off the feet and ground the space. Simple ladder back chair offers seating if needed, and the petite console with mirror provides function. There is drawer space as well as a basket underneath for added storage.

entry hall

A grand hall is treated simply here, with a duo of entryway benches and some pretty art work. So much flexibility depending upon the family needs…what would you do with this space?

Here is another view of this unique home’s entry area, including the atrium:

1951 entryway

Okay, now it’s your turn. What are you going to do with YOUR Entryway?

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