A Family Room Home Staging Step By Step

You’ve seen it. A home remodel/renovation show on TV….pick one.  The construction work has been completed with just moments to spare, and in come the home stagers. We see a few shots of people working to bring in furnishings and decor, then the next scene shows a beautifully staged space. It looks awesome.

Now we all know that the home doesn’t become beautiful in a matter of seconds. Logic would tell us that it takes some time. But how does the process really work?

I’ll give you an example from a recent staging project in S. Fort Myers, FL. We’re going to pick up the project at staging day, and focus on just one room in the home. We’ll zoom past all of the hours of planning, preparation and packing that have taken place (that’s a topic for another blog post 🙂

 You’ll see a few links to some of the furniture I used in this project, in case you want to check them out for yourself. If you click on the link and then purchase something, I will earn a small commission. (Just wanted you to know.)

Here is the Family Room as I saw it when I previewed the home:

Family Room Before Staging Project

It’s not a large space, and is open to the Kitchen and Nook. There is a lovely lake view out of the windows you see, and a full wall bookcase directly across from the windows. We want to show the home as a great place for a family, so this room will include a TV.

When I stage a space that has a view, I always try to place at least one piece of furniture toward that focal point, so my plan is to place a petite ivory fabric love seat in a position where occupants will be able to see the TV as well as the lovely lake view.

Preliminary placement of main furniture pieces

I place furniture at angles in the space quite often, as you see here with the love seat. Creating a couple of angles in a space does amazing things with the overall feel, as well as keeping the area from looking ordinary and boring.

I was pleased with the look of the duo of barrel chairs angled in front of the windows, and the free form wood table between them created an interesting grouping.

But, in this space after I set up the main pieces as I had envisioned them, I wasn’t feelin’ it. So my assistant, Susan, and I decided to change the positioning a bit. It only takes a small tweak to the angle of a piece to make a dramatic change.

Final Placement of Furniture

So we agreed that the love seat should directly face the duo of chairs. Yes, that was the way to go…it felt right.

At that point it was time to bring in the smaller furnishings…TV stand, decorative corner tree (I like to see a bit of green) and the cute little corrugated coffee table trunk, the perfect sized piece to place in front of a love seat.

We added the smaller touches that are oh-so-important when creating a welcoming feeling in a staged home, or any home for that matter:

  • accent pillows
  • wall decor
  • lighting
  • accent rugs (we decided to use a layered rug approach here)
  • decorative accents
  • finished bookshelves
Bookshelves are staged


Home staging is different than home decorating. We are creating a look that shows the function of the space, not filling the space with furniture and decor. So you’ll notice that not all of the shelves are showing a display. It’s not needed in home staging.


Wall art and lighting have been added


Here are two views of the finished space. It’s stylish and cozy, shows one possible furniture arrangement, and that’s enough to help a potential buyer visualize the size and function of the Family Room.


View from Family Room into Kitchen and Nook


nook and family roon
View from Kitchen and Nook into Family Room

So there you have it…Family Room Staging Step by Step.  I’m quite pleased with the results, the sellers were thrilled, and hopefully the home staging will help this home to sell quickly!

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