Do You Nest?

Oh, the beauty of the nesting table…versatile, stylish, unassuming at times, yet these little friends can provide a wealth of functionality for our homes.

Wood and Metal 3 pc Nesting Table Set




Take the wood and metal trio above, for example. They sit in my living room, shown to the left, and function as an end table for the most part. But when another small table is needed for a drink, snack, meal or general resting place (great for the laptop), they’re ready to go to work for me!

I love the weathered wood tops with the iron base, and the ‘X’ on the sides adds a bit of industrial look style.

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The beauty of the nesting table is it’s versatility. Not just for the living or family room, you can separate them and use them in a bedroom, hallway, office, even the bath…anywhere you need a small accent table. It’s like getting 2 or 3 accent tables for the price of one.

If you’re decorating on a budget, and most of us are, the nesting table approach is smart. The sets I am highlighting in this post are all around $300 or less, some priced at less than $200 for the set.

I found several other unique nesting table sets that would create a focal point in any

Teak Wood Nesting Tables


The trio of round, free form teak tables are both rugged and classic. I can see them in a contemporary styled home, a home with rustic influence, even in a log home.

The free form, less-than-perfect teak wood tops are so interesting, almost like having a work of art that’s functional.


The duo of industrial steel tables on wheels, shown below, are so unique they will be a conversation starter for sure. They are crafted from recycled cold rolled steel, made by a family owned business that has been in the trade for several generations. Because they are hand crafted, no two sets are exactly alike.

Duo of Industrial Steel Nesting Tables


I love the trio of triangular tables that serve as both a coffee table and individual tables…versatile and so cool. They would look great in a Contemporary, Transitional, Retro or Mid Century Modern styled home:

Trio of Nesting/Coffee Tables


If you love the idea of a triangular table but prefer a true nesting table design, this smart

Duo of Triangular Nesting Tables

duo may fill the bill.

Crafted of iron, they are durable yet don’t take up a lot of visual space in the room.

So if you need function in a small area, this set could be the perfect solution





I have always been fond of these Capistrano nesting tables.

Wood tops with vintage, french themed script and images, they are as cute as they are functional. I like the added iron trim on the legs…it gives them a bit more visual presence and also more stability. Well priced, too, at less than $200. They would be charming in any Casual, Farmhouse, French Country, Shabby Chic or Cottage Style home.

Capistrano Nesting Tables


So, where could your home benefit from a set of these handy little helpers?
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